Covid -19

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines - AS OF September 19, 2021

The health and safety of our devotees and our community is a shared responsibility. Let’s all continue to do our part to keep our community safe and healthy. Let’s get vaccinated.

  1. Do not come to the temple if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive (and are not yet recovered), are currently awaiting a test result, or have been identified as a contact of a positive COVID-19 case within the past 14 days
  1. Everyone entering the temple must agree with, and follow, our “COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan“. Available below or by downloading the pdf. This plan may change at any time – an up-to-date version will always be posted on the wall at the temple. If you have any questions, please email
  1. Everyone must pre-screen every time they attend the temple. The Screen sheet must be completed before entering the temple. Parents/guardians can fill this out on behalf of a child and remain together throughout the praying service.
  1. Devotees are requested to wear their masks the entire time they are in the temple, including while actively singing. Masks are worn by anyone, age two and above, while inside the temple. Exemptions apply only for those unable to wear a mask (please notify the temple of this in advance).
  1. Everyone entering the temple must present a vaccine certificate/passport and use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.
  1. The prayer service will be smaller to an hour (Sunday 11:00 am to 12:00 pm) and will be strictly limited to 40 people to maintain physical distancing. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only Prasad will be served.
  1. One person and/or family allow in the coatroom, on the stage, in the kitchen, or downstairs (washroom) to maintain the physical distancing.
  1. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized after every cohort (doors, barres, faucets, bins, etc).
  1. The temple has standalone HEPA air purifiers.
  1. Follow the sign posted at the temple.
  1. The temple invites the devotee to come forward and host the puja. Also, encourage devotees to donate online by visiting the temple’s website.
  1. This plan may change at any time – an up to date version will always be posted at the temple website
    If you have any questions, please get in touch with the temple at

Hosting a Puja

  1. Visit the temple 10 minutes earlier and make sure everything is well organized, including chairs.
  2. Clean God’s idol, put flowers, prepare aarti thali, and lighten the diyas.
  3. Only bring Prasad to the temple.
  4. If weather permits, open the windows and close at the end of the prayer services.
  5. Pick up all the recycling and/or garbage at the end of the prayer services.
  6. Push chairs close to the wall and vacuum the carpet.
  7. Sanitize frequent use area.
  8. Make sure heating is on and set the temperature accordingly. Before closing the temple, keep the heating thermostat at 17 degrees.
  9. Check, turn off all lights, and lock the temple.
  10. We will not use a sound system, prayer books, and musical instruments.

Thank you for staying vigilant with following all public health guidelines in the temple, at work/school, and in your day-to-day life. Your efforts make a difference to our community and our region.


The Board

Sudbury Prarthana Samaj

Sudbury – ON


Follow the below link to get the most updated information

COVID-19 Guidance: Faith-Based Organizations

Important things to know with three days until Ontario's vaccine certificate program


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